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TwentyTables is a socially conscious app that helps restaurants:

  • Engage with New Customers

  • Boost Your Bottom Line

  • Make A Difference



Attract new customers, manage your inventory, and help the hungry - no cost to you.

Customize your menu

Change your menu at any time to focus on specific inventory and encourage orders.

Control your profits

Decide your menu, your portions, and your profits.

Manage Participation

Keep the app on during lunch or dinner, to boost business, or turn it off if you're too busy.    

Process Orders Efficiently

Customers order in-app before they arrive, giving you the time you need to prepare their food.

Increase table turnover

Our “Quick Serve” feature lets dine-in customers tell you when they want to eat, so you can prepare their meals in advance and serve upon arrival, confident you will get paid.


Consistently Engage Customers

Our stylish, easy-to-use interface will bring new customers to your restaurant and encourage repeat business.


  • Affordable Meals: Affordable lunches and dinners in DC are hard to find, and will consistently attract new business.

  • Continuous Engagement: Fixed-cost meals allow customers to predictably budget for food, keeping them coming back for more.

  • Social Features: Our app broadcasts when customers plan to eat at your restaurant, encouraging friends and family to join them for a meal.

  • Restaurant Finder: Our custom map feature and search function make it easy for hungry local patrons and tourists to find your restaurant and your menu.

  • Eliminate the Wait: Customer payments are processed in-app, so they can skip checkout and free up space in your restaurant

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Boost your Bottom Line


Make a Difference

Our socially conscious model helps you give back to your community.


We All Prosper, Together

You get more business, customers get delicious affordable meals; and we help feed the hungry in our community, together. Join our Community of Food.

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Proud Partners with Capital Area Food Bank

TwentyTables and Capital Area Food Bank are teaming up to end hunger in Washington D.C. For every meal you purchase TwentyTables will donate one to charities like Capital Area Food Bank. Affordable meals, increased business, feed the hungry.