Your employees love free lunch.  You love saving money!

Use TwentyTables Works to easily offer “Lunch as a benefit” to your employees for only $30 a week. Plus we donate 1 meal every time your employees eat!

• Recruit and Retain Top Talent

• Boost Your Bottom Line

• Make A Difference with a Double Bottom Line Benefit


How Does Employee Lunch Work?


Download our App

Your employees use the app to redeem tickets for meals. Meal tickets are replenished every Monday.



Find Restaurants

 Each employee finds their favorite restaurants and food trucks. Let them choose what they want to eat.


Order Delicious & Healthy Meals

Employees select from over 100 meal options, schedule a time, and order their meal for pick-up or dine-in


Invite Friends

Employees invite coworkers and coordinate lunches in-app. Perfect for team building or brainstorming. 


"TwentyTables has allowed RFK Human Rights to create a double bottom line impact - benefiting our employees and our community - by leveraging an existing budget item in a way that aligns with our values.  Our management team is excited to offer staff a basic service benefit and the entire organization is enthused to simultaneously support local small business and essential food security organizations in the District." 

- Michael Schreiber, COO, RFK Human Rights Org.


For about the same price as “Free lunch Friday” or regular company happy hours you can provide lunch Monday through Friday.

75+ DC restaurants. 10 meals donated to Capital Area Food Bank. Only $30 per week.


  • Recruit and Retain top talent: The most innovative companies offer innovative perks like lunch as a benefit to land the most innovative team.

  • Jumpstart your Corporate Social Responsibility program: Employee's want to work at an organization that gives back. Support local businesses while feeding the hungry in DC.

  • No need for a new budget. Use your existing budget: Use your existing, tax deductible food budget or CSR budget. Only $120 per month per employee for lunch Monday through Friday and 10 meals donated.

  • Improve your company culture with food and philanthropy: Build a stronger team as a part of our Community of Food.

  • Let your employees eat what they want when they want it: Unlike catering, employees eat what they want from the restaurant they want, when they want.

  • Save money and get a 150% Return on Investment. Healthier and happier employees are more productive,

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We Can Help Your Employees Love Their Job Even More.

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Proud Partners with Capital Area Food Bank, DC Central Kitchen & Martha's Table

TwentyTables is teaming up with Capital Area Food Bank and DC Central Kitchen to end hunger in Washington D.C.  For every meal you purchase TwentyTables will donate one to charities like Capital Area Food Bank.  Affordable meals, increased business, feed the hungry.