Level Up

While the new scenario makes the startup market more difficult and competitive, it also makes the eventual success of companies more feasible.

SXSW Pitch, the festival's startup competition, got tougher. But it also got better. There was a time when startup development was similar to the Brazilian Cinema Novo movement: an idea in the head and a PowerPoint in hand.

At that time, the idea was the main one. Revenue model, scalability, property protection, social responsibility were all in the background.

But after so many cases of companies that never became profitable, or were ostensibly copied, or had ethical problems, access to finance and public engagement became more difficult. And you can see that in the startups that competed in this year's SXSW Pitch.

The level is too high. Beyond well-made apps and cute names, companies have mapped out their strategies for growing, getting and retaining users. They have modular revenue models and break even forecasting. They focus on playing a positive role in society and being transparent about privacy policies.

Take the words of Chris Valentine, producer of the event, about one of the competition's highlights, Twenty Tables: “They did a great job highlighting the importance of providing at least privileged access to healthy meals at a fixed cost. Startups with social benefits show how impactful technology can be to make a difference, ”he said during the event.

In the conversation with the 50 best entrepreneurs at the end of the event, you can feel their concern not to leave any tips. While this new scenario makes the startup market more difficult and competitive, it also makes their eventual success more feasible.

Check out all the companies that participated in the SXSW Pitch and the winners of each category here.

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Liam O'Toole